Getting freight requests to your carrier

If your business manufactures or distributes products, then you need to get those products

to your customers through an effective, efficient, and easily repeatable process. That’s where Flow comes in.


You have probably already done the ground-work to identify one or more preferred carriers,

and negotiate terms with them. This may include PC-based or web-based software to allow

you to create freight requests and to track progress of consignments.


If your freight carrier offers a standard interface to their software, then Flow can

be used to identify Orders in your system that are ready for dispatch, and automatically

send a freight request to your carrier. No more data entry for freight orders!


Flow is being used to send orders to freight carriers and used by freight

carriers to receive freight requests from their customers. Use Flow to automate your freight



Our customer profiles for Fliway, and for Hall's Refrigerated Transport, explain how

they are using Flow to improve their services. Follow this link to read their case studies and find out how


Call us today to find out how Flow can help with your Freight Management needs and automate your business 0800 69 35 69


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