J. A. Russell


J.A.Russell has left the competition behind by integrating its supply chain with Flow Software’s B2B Gateway, promoting customer loyalty and improving customer service.

J. A. Russell is New Zealand’s largest electrical and data wholesaler with 55 stores nationwide. After reviewing the products and solutions in the market, J. A. Russell chose Flow Software to provide multi-channel end-to-end business automation. Through a single platform they are now able to engage both their suppliers and customers with automated EDI data exchange and interactive web-based portals.

J. A. Russell’s customer web portal, known as the on2Site trade portal, allows customers full self-service in a method appropriate to them. This could mean interacting with the web portal to search for product information and stock levels, place orders online and access their purchase and customer history.

The solution has not only provided a B2B customer web portal but also means J. A. Russell has been able to meet all EDI requirements and increase customer service levels, generating customer loyalty through EDI engagement and investment on the supplier and customer end.

J. A. Russell’s former processes involved manual input almost exclusively, requiring teams of people internally and on the supplier side. Now, with many of the processes automated, J. A. Russell is in a position to grow its business without having to grow its staff numbers.

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“This has been a massive step forward for us as a business”

Adam Parker, Information Systems Manager, J. A. Russell


J. A. Russell

Electrical and data supplies wholesale

Business Challenge:
J. A. Russell needed a new B2B e-commerce website but it had to be tightly integrated to their bricks and mortar branches and the systems supporting those for a seamless experience for their customers.


Reduction of invoice processing


Accurate inventory availability providing surety of supply


Enabled true wed-based account management


Generated customer loyalty through EDI engagement





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