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Tegel chooses Flow for it's rapid deployment capabilities

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With three major processing facilities, smaller value-added processing plants, feed mills, and breeding and hatching facilities, Tegel employs around 2,100 people and is a market-leading poultry producer, supplying both domestic and international markets.

Tegel already has existing integration toolsets in their business but found deploying integration solutions was time consuming and impacting its ability to meet time critical operational requirements. When needing to integrate messages between its agricultural system (MTech) and mill application for 3 feed mill sites in Takanini, Christchurch, and New Plymouth, Tegel went looking for a way to be up and running in days not months.  They found Flow.

Tegel has internal integration capability so were given training in the Flow product and worked alongside Flow Software in developing the integration to track the receipt of raw materials linked to purchase orders through production, delivery and finished feed.  Tegel used Flow to raise alerts if errors occurred in transaction or synchronisation activity but also wanted to hold back on alerts for any errors that might go away if the process was retried a few times.  Flow can be configured to handle the concept of "soft fail, retry, and hard fail" for most expected error conditions so was setup to streamline the error handling process.

With the integration up and running quickly and Tegel staff self-sufficient to maintain their integrations and develop new ones, Tegel is well positioned to rapidly deploy any integration or EDI processes at the speed the business needs.

“We are delighted with the Flow application.  In particular the ability to resource the integrations in-house and get time critical processes  deployed with relatively minimal effort and cost.”


Tegel Foods Ltd


Business Challenge:
Tegel has an existing EDI and integration for several processes, but needed a simpler and cost-effective method to quickly integrate feed mill orders between MTech and their mill application to meet the current and future business requirements.


Build and deploy integrations quickly and cost effectively

Obtained in-house capabilities with minimal training required

Reduction in error handling notifications via soft fail/hard fail error handling

Simpler and scalable solution





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