500+ Businesses Trust Flow Software As Their Mission Critical Data Integration Software And EDI Platform

End to End Business Automation

  • eCommerce EDI for B2B and B2C

    One product to integrate your applications and control your business processes

    By merging EDI and Integration into the one product, Flow, together with your existing business applications can fully automate your business trading with suppliers and customers

    Integrate with your existing business applications

    Electronically transact with your suppliers and customers of all sizes

Preconfigured Partner Adapters

  • Easy setup trading partner EDI adaptors

    Partner Adapters built on top of Flow’s Technology Connectors get you started quickly and are fully customisable.

    Partner Adapters are pre-built configuration for interfacing with specific trading partners through EDI, but unlike traditional EDI software they are fully customisable.

    Create your own EDI Partners Adapters or share with the community and modify to suit your exact requirements.

Tight integration with your existing business systems

  • With the Flow integration engine at the heart of your solution, you can quickly integrate with your existing business applications to fully automate your business processes.

    Customize Flow to align with your unique business requirements.

    Read more about the Flow Integration product.

    Integrated EDI applications to automate

Communicate through Internet protocols or VANs

  • Connect to FTP, HTTP, AS2, SSL, Email

    Share your data over all common internet protocols like HTTP/S, AS2, FTP, SFTP, and SMTP

    Supports secure encrypted exchange of data with your trading partners. The flexibility means you can have direct peer-to-peer trading or engage through a VAN.

Understand any data format

  • Process data in any format including Excel, Flat File, XML, JSON, EDIFACT or ANSI X12

    With Flow you decide whether you strictly adhere to your own EDI format based, or be flexible and support other industry formats chosen by your trading partners.

    EDI Formats - Flat File, XML, EDIFACT, ANSI

Handle all your document and transaction types

  • EDI Formats - Flat File, XML, EDIFACT, ANSI

    Exchange all the data your business uses

    Out of the box business workflows are provided for common business transactions like Purchase Orders, Invoices, Remittance and Statements.

    Customize these predefined workflows or extend to support other unique transaction types.

Flow Integration

Flow Integration

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Free 30-day Trial

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